A game For your children

An augmented reality game has been released, this time for your kids. Titled Fetch! Lunch Rush App, it is from PBS Kids and designed to teach children basic maths, making players collect lunch order for a film crew. The idea is to keep count of how much sushi each individual wants. "The Fetch! Lunch Rush App is designed as a 3-D game, which helps kids visualize the math problems they are trying to solve," the senior vice president of Children's Media at PBS, Lesli Rotenberg said. "At PBS Kids our goal is to use media to nurture kids' natural curiosity and inspire them to explore the world around them; we can't wait to see what this new app will mean for furthering that exploration." Users will be able to download cut out markers and then use their iphone [or ipod touch] camera to overlay computer-generated graphics on to a real world environment. "Augmented reality is becoming a popular marketing tool and a compelling feature for gamers, but no one has fully explored what this could mean for educating children," said the senior vice president, Jason Seiken. "We're excited to expand our exploration of this space ... and continue PBS Kids' leadership in using new technologies to further learning." You can get the app via the App store.