The Amazing Spider-Man Augmented Reality App

Published on : 10 January 20202 min reading time

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Ahead of the movie release

Sony Pictures Entertainment has released a free mobile app in anticipation of The Amazing Spider-Man. Developed with Qualcomm’s Vuforia platform, it is available for iOS devices and Android.
The app will allow fans to discover Spider-Man in both online and real world environments using augmented reality technology. The aim is to find specially marked movie-themed images and can them to activate content.

“Using footage from a special shoot with the movie’s stunt team, the app features exclusive Spider-Man animation sequences in which Spider-Man swings through buildings, crawls up walls, shoots his web at the screen, or engages with nefarious characters on the streets. When the virtual Spider-Man appears on their phones, users can take photos of the hero and share them with their friends and family. Each photo experience will be unique to the user, and fans can share multiple photos from each interaction,” reads the official description.

“Many of today’s moviegoers are digital natives on the go, and our app allows us to engage them. Our use of augmented reality technology is a fun way of embracing the 3D aspects of the movie while nurturing the playful kid inside all of us who wants to collect items from their favorite superhero character to share with their friends and family,” said Dwight Caines, President, Worldwide Digital Marketing, Sony Pictures.

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