Published on : 21 January 20202 min reading time

A weather App with Augmented reality

Nokia have relaunched The Weather Channel app, now titled simply ‘Weather’ and available exclusively for Lumia users.
Updating to version 2.0 will bring a range of new features, including custom alerts and augmented reality.
“With enhanced My Friends Weather social features and personalized weather alerts based on your interpretation of the ‘best’ weather for you, our new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone app truly makes The Weather Channel more local, social and relevant to our users,” said Mike Zarrilli, vice president of international for TWCC. “And working with a strong global partner like Nokia is essential to our global growth plans as we look to provide the most accurate weather to users anywhere in the world.”

Features available for a limited time include

• My Friends’ Weather – View and chat with your friends about their current weather conditions.

• My Friends’ Weather Alerts – check if any of your friends are under a severe weather alert through the alerts tab.

• Augmented Reality – see the weather in a new way through AR with TWC using your camera. Check out the latest user-submitted photos posted for the locations within your screen’s view.

• “My Amazing Day” Personalized Weather Alerts – get immediate alerts with weather forecasts for 10 days out and for any day that you choose as a perfect day for certain activities.

Know when the weather is just right for certain activities such as sailing or running, or if it looks like a sunscreen day or pollen day. Add your own “perfect day” based on weather, such as a Reading day when it’s rainy and below 70 degrees or a Kayaking day when it’s between 65 and 82 degrees and the UV index is low.

Features for all Nokia Lumia Windows Phone users include

• Support for 7 languages, including German, Simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese.
• Live tiles with weather-triggered backgrounds based on the location’s current conditions, and you can still save multiple live tiles to your home screen.
• Keep track of your Amazing Weather Moments and more with a beautiful array of user-generated weather photos.
• Upload your own images from your camera to share the weather story in your location.