Published on : 09 January 20206 min reading time

The Rise of Virtual Casino Games

Las Vegas – The entertainment capital of the World. A place where many go (or dream of going) to win big money in the casinos. Of course, not everyone can simply jump on a plane and live ‘the life’ in the City of Lights, but these days we don’t have to. Thanks to the digital age, we can now access high quality casino games on the internet and on mobile phones. Las Vegas truly has come to your home.

Online gaming has now become more convenient and widespread, with people teaming up to participate in death matches on Xbox Live and Playstation Network, as well as bluff at a hand of poker, or even join up on virtual Roulette tables – all for real money. With the gaming world at your fingertips, you can now play at any time of the day. Fancy gambling on your lunch break, or at 4am in the morning? Well you can, and you don’t even need to travel far or wait around for a free table or slot machine. You can get instant access to a vast array of titles with ease – more than most real casinos offer.

Not many people will believe that online / mobile gambling can live up to the bright lights of the Vegas Strip, but with the fast advancement of technology, particularly in the video / mobile gaming industry, the virtual casino games of today are of very high quality, replicating the real thing perfectly, with no need to travel and arrange pricey accommodation.

There’s now a huge list of websites to play roulette at, which is by far the most popular casino game as it requires no strategy and is very simple to play. There’s also many UK and US Casinos online that offer Poker, Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Keno and Craps, with easy access, multiple payment options, and big money on offer. Even some of the best casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City or Blackpool don’t have the huge variety of games on offer than online casinos do. Sure, they offer a great range, but they’re simply not big enough to house the huge selection that the virtual world can.

Online casinos offer more than just basic games too. There are now many variants of video poker, slot machines, blackjack, and so on, spoiling you for choice as soon as you enter the virtual casino. Sure, the atmosphere of the online casino isn’t the same as the real thing, but the benefit is that more people can now enjoy the thrills and spills of a casino from the comfort of their own home.

While many will be thinking that ease of access is likely to produce quick debt, all established online casinos offer plenty of help to you if you feel you have a gambling problem. The most notable help companies are GamCare, Gamble Aware, and Gamblers Anonymous, which advise you on responsible gambling, rules for a number of popular gambling games and types, and even budget planners, where you can work out how much money you can/should feasibly use for gambling. It also gives you handy advice on recognising whether you may have an issue with gambling.

As addictive as it can be, online casinos should be considered fun and not a source to make big money, and an appealing factor about online/mobile casino games is that most of them can be played for free. Sure, you have the mobile games which duplicate the real games for the cost of the game itself, but even online gambling sites allow you to play their games for free. Here you’ll be credited with virtual money and can play the game as if you were gambling for real. This is the perfect way for you to hone your skills on the game and test drive the software to ensure that you are positive about playing for real money. Or simply continue to enjoy the game without spending a dime.

Online casino games also cater for both professionals and newcomers. So whether you are totally new to the game and have never played online in your life, or whether you are a professional player who can play every game blind folded, online casinos have games suitable for all – something that you probably won’t find in real casinos. Online casino games also offer different wagering levels. That means that penny pinchers and high rollers alike can enjoy the same game, which is adjusted according to how much you wish to spend.

Online gambling is very much legal to anyone over the age of 18 in the UK and mainland Europe, but many believe it’s strictly illegal in the US. This isn’t necessarily true. US casinos online are very popular in fact, but the exact letter of the law does vary from state to state. Despite this, it is not illegal for US citizens to gamble online, as the laws effect the casinos and financial institutions and not the players themselves. The laws basically make it hard to transfer money to and from US based players, but it isn’t impossible, and no player will be prosecuted if they find a way. Why should they, this is the same Country that houses the gambling capital of the world, Vegas.

Online gambling aside, there are still plenty of casino games available simply for fun. With the rapid advancement of mobile phone technology and Apps, casino games are now on the rise in various formats. Naturally, for true gamblers the internet is the No.1 place to be due to the ease of access and huge variety on offer.

While it’s not a good idea to gamble money you simply can’t afford, with online casinos you are in charge of how much you want to invest in the fun activity, and that’s exactly what it is – a fun activity. The rise of the virtual casino games may not please a lot of people, but it’s a new choice given to those who wish to divulge. Just remember though, what happens in the lounge, stays in the lounge!