Somewhere up above, paddling in the shallow end of the cosmos, is the Astra satellite fleet. Orbiting the earth above the atmosphere, they transmit signals from BSkyB to your home. And while this is going on above our heads, beneath our feet are Sky's cables, bringing superfast broadband to keep us connected with the rest of the world. It is this combination of the terrestrial and the extra-terrestrial that makes Sky such a unique force in home media provision. Sky's award-winning broadband & television package provides both high-speed internet, and a staggeringly diverse selection of TV channels. The 'Unlimited' broadband option is proving hugely popular with download-happy internet users who are perhaps frustrated at the restrictions put in place by so-called 'fair usage' policies. Even better for the customer whose home entertainment needs are served entirely by their computer (and there's a lot of them), the package lets them opt out of the TV package completely. If, however, you're more of a telly addict than a web-user, you can go for Sky's 'Everyday Lite' option, which gives you one of their impressive TV packs, and 20Mb broadband at no extra cost. Ideal for the casual web user who doesn't require much bandwidth. For new customers, the 'Fairytale Deal' offers all of Sky's services for less than £20 per month. There are six TV options - Variety, Music, Children's, News & Events, Knowledge, Style & Culture - all pretty much doing what they say on the tin. Visit Sky's site to learn more about the specifics of each TV pack. BSkyB was formed in 1990 following a merger between Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting. With the launch of the Astra 2A satellite in 1997 came the arrival of Sky's digital service. Sky Broadband now has more than two million subscribers, making it the fourth most popular ISP in the UK (behind BT, Virgin Media and Talk Talk). Visit the sky website for more information on broadband.