Clear The Area !

Not many examples of Augmented Reality could be pointed out before the iPhone came along but with the device and the technology now mainstream stuff, it's benefits have been thrust into the spotlight. As well as it being useful for certain Apps that can help us find points of interest and information, it is also used in the world of mobile gaming. Sky Siege perfectly combines in-flight aircraft combat with your actual setting using the iPhone camera and the result is one massive entertainment punch. In Sky Siege you are initially placed in charge of one of two weapons, a rocket launcher or a turret. Your task is to eliminate all of the enemy aircraft that infiltrate your area by aiming at their locations. In order to keep track of your enemy and seek out others, you will need to move your handset around your actual location so you can see them. You have two choices of view which will act as the game's setting. The first is the augmented reality view which uses your real time surroundings, captured through the iPhone's camera and helped by the device's compass. The second is the virtual reality view which is a pre-set location, in this case, a field. The fact that this title offers a choice of two views is a major plus and a feature that other augmented reality based games do not offer. Enemy locations are signified by red triangles that are dotted around you screen. If they appear along the right hand side of the screen then you need to move your device in that direction in order to get them in your line of sight and so on. The fire button is located in the right hand corner of the screen and if you want to switch between the missile launcher and turret then this is done by pressing a button in the bottom left corner. You can also unlock other ammo as you progress through the game. A quirky and interesting method exists for reloading your weapons once out of ammo too. By tilting your iPhone to the floor and to your right, you can replenish your missile stock. Doing the same but to your left will fill up your turret cache bringing full interactivity to the game. As you down aircraft you will earn points and these go towards an overall total allowing you to move from one level to another. Counters at the top of the screen inform you as to how much ammo you have left for each weapon so you can time a reload without taking too much damage as you put aside the focus on enemy attack. You can even zoom in to get accurate hits on those enemies that are flying in the distance. A damage bar exists at the top of the page too which will make you aware of how many blows you can't afford to take. It is easy to see why Sky Siege is seen as one of the, if not the best Augmented Reality game available for the iPhone. It delivers in every area you would expect for a game of this type and while clearly not being the most technically gifted title, there is obvious areas for expansion when the technology matures. Repetitiveness is something that creeps in occasionally but with new ammo made available as you progress, the concept is kept fresh. This game is perfect if you really want to show off your iPhone's quality.


  • Great example of augmented reality
  • Brings freshness to the genre
  • Two different view options
  • Variety of ammo
  • Reloading your guns


  • Can become repetitive
  • Basic looks