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When you decide to buy your next phone, you have the ideal opportunity to reassess the way in which you tend to use your phone. What is it that you use it for the most? What are the most important features of your current phone and where do they fall short of your requirements? Some modern phones are extremely powerful devices, perfect for gaming, and there is a growing trend to use them for playing online gambling games at websites such as Ladbrokes Mobile Casino. Fortunately there are many features of smartphones that are best for several things, and so you need to take a balanced view. For instance, while a great display screen is ideal for gaming, so too is it ideal for watching video and movies. Ideally you should opt for screens at least as big as the iPhone 4 and preferably at least as big as the iPhone 5, which is four inches. You might prefer some of the even larger screens that can be found on the latest Android phones, for instance the Samsung Galaxy Note has a screen size of 5.5 inches, which is huge. Resolution is also important, as is brightness; and while many Android phones have excellent resolution, none of them have as bright a display as the iPhone. The processing power of your phone is important. A fast processor means fast smooth flowing graphics which are important in any form of gaming. You may not need one of the latest quad processor phones, but certainly aim for minimum speeds of around 1 GHz. Battery life is something else that you should consider. Playing games can consume a large amount of battery life, and while you cannot change the battery in your iPhone, you can with most phones, so you can always carry a spare battery around. Now that 4G is available, you should ensure that your phone is 4G-enabled. It might not be in your neighbourhood yet, but it will be coming soon and will give you a much better online experience.