Published on : 10 January 20202 min reading time

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Feel the bullet

Because us gamers want a lot more realism in our games, inventors out there are doing all they can to give us what we want. Virtual reality may be the future of video games, but now we have to accept Kinect, Wii and PlayStation Move as the current direction the industry is heading. It’s certainly a start.

Check this out though: The 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest. A vest that connects to your console and gives you the feeling of being shot! Sounds, um, delightful! Sounds friggin’ awesome!

Don’t be too put off, as you won’t actually feel the pain, merely the sensation. The vest connects to a small USB-powered air compressor, which hooks up to four pockets in the front and four on the back. The sensation varies depending on how badly the game is kicking your ass. It can apparently simulate the sensations of being shot from a pistol or an Uzi, along with explosions, stabbings, rocket hits, and falling. Sounds too awesome.

It already supports over 40 existing first-person shooter games, including the vitally important Call of Duty series and Half Life 2. To use the vest, you only need to plug it into your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC or Wii’s USB port and off you go.

The 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest is out now and retailing for around £139. This could surely play a pivotal role in realistic virtual reality gaming.