Virtual aliens strike back

For over 30 years millions of aliens are slaughtered daily in video games. Until now they could not strike back. Until now they could not attack us in the real world..." Since the dawn of video games we have been shooting the hell out of virtual aliens. Millions of us worldwide have spent numerous hours preventing those Space Invaders from attacking Earth. Since then aliens have topped the charts for the most killed video game enemy of all time, followed closely by monsters, Nazis and gangsters (probably). With the use of augmented reality, things are beginning to change. Now those video game aliens have found a way of attacking us gamers in our real life surroundings, and this is one battle we are going to find tough. Rather than gluing your fingers to a joystick / keyboard / control pad, now you have to use your mobile phone to scan your entire surroundings to seek out those pesky aliens and shoot them down before they, well, cause your phone screen to blacken and fizz. Of course, it's still a video game and those aliens don't have the power to leave the screen, but Arcade Reality is the beginning of the next breed of video games. Something that has become apparent since mobile phone technology has advanced with compass and camera improvements. Ok, so it's not just aliens that are attacking you when you load up Arcade Reality, as ghosts, meteors, monsters and moths are also on the prowl. If you take the backdrop into consideration, and you will, then you can also shoot at you friends, family and/or colleagues big heads as they sit unaware beyond the invasion. The enemies whereabouts are marked on the radar, and it's a case of moving your phone and body towards the enemy, whether they be up high or low, and then mash away on the fire button until they are blown to smithereens. There' a little more to it than fire, fire, fire though, as special items and upgrades can be collected along the way, which can be used against the countless foes and big boss fights in the game. These include shields, which temporarily prevent an ass kicking, as well as rocket that can take out an enemy with ease. The enemies can be very unforgiving though and even in the early levels you'll become very familiar with the game over screen, but this pays perfect homage to the arcade games of old, which were meant to be a struggle to entice further pennies in the slot. Naturally, it contains the sort of fun that gives you that determination to try again, and it's only a matter of time before you become a pro augmented reality monster killer. In addition to the Arcade Reality mode, the game also consists of added fun. Infinite Shooter disposes of high score pressure and gives you one simple objective: Kill 'em all. Whereas Asteroid mode puts you in control of a radio controlled scout ship, which you need to steer towards asteroids and prevent them from hitting you in the mobile screen face. Add to this a Hall of Fame leaderboard and Arcade Reality offers plenty for the small asking price. It's a simple shooter that has been given a brand new life with augmented reality. Of course, without the use of augmented reality, Arcade Reality could be seen as just another shooter, but emerging these virtual aliens into our own existence adds new meaning to the genre. In the not too distant future, Arcade Reality will be seen like Space Invaders is today: A retro classic that inspired a generation of shooters. In this case, augmented reality shooters. It's great shooting fun that'll keep your itchy trigger thumbs happy for a long time.


  • Great shooting fun
  • Variety of enemies
  • Several game modes
  • Classic arcade game play and looks
  • Shoot people in the face without them knowing


  • A bit hard perhaps