More precisely, you're in and out of the trailers

You have to pity anyone who paid full price for the Xbox Live Vision camera. The device was released almost two years ago, and so far only two games have been released that use it as the primary method of control - and one of them was free. Okay, it has been put to minor use in a few other games, can be used for video chat and even works on certain PS3 games as well, but it ultimately seems unlikely that anyone has had their sixty quid's worth yet. You're In The Movies is the first, and so far, only full release title that uses the camera for the main game-play, and could be purchased both with the device and without. Given that recent price drops have seen the game bundled with the camera for under £15 should give you an indication of a) how well the game has sold b) the general quality of it. Designed as a party game for up to 4 players, You're In The Movies gets players stood in front of the camera playing a series of wacky mini-games or striking set poses. During the course of this, your image will be recorded, and then superimposed into a movie trailer at the end of the game. Most of the mini-games you play will bear no apparent relevance to the film you're making, but thanks to some fairly clever twisted, your actions will eventually make sense. For example, you might spend one game turning a valve to release water, and then find that the recorded image is used to depict you driving a car in the finished trailer. Generally, the mini-games aren't much different that the sort of thing you'd have seen back in the previous generation on the likes of Eye-Toy Play. A whole lot of frantic motion, and a few giggles that will decrease as the novelty starts to wear off. Admittedly, with the large amount of running you'll do, it gives you a bit of a workout. Certainly a cheaper one than Wii Fit, anyway!