How has the bedroom and social gaming become so integrated? It seems ironic that the private abode of nearly every spotty teenager has managed to become a doorway to the outside world, or at least another world. Through a few clicks of the mouse, your computer has opened the universe of social gaming to anyone with an inclination to unleash their hidden fantasy - and better yet, you don't need to wipe your feet before you come in! Instead, you can pick your game (either free or paid for), select your avatar and let the quest begin! Whether you fancy yourself to be a muscle bound hunk, mythical beast, temptress, wizard, vampire, werewolf, or err... stuffed toy, you will probably find something or other that will scratch that itch. Let's face it, what we see on the screen is merely a representation to explore and have fun. Perhaps it's due to the fact that games are predominantly played by youngsters finding their way in life and trying things out in the safety of another domain. Equally it's a welcome release to those more mature who like to escape the reality and monotony of everyday life that the lure of fantastical worlds and limitless possibilities and friends becomes even more compelling. In either case, this accessible and enthralling exhibition of existence is definitely here to stay and will develop further as trends, interests and technology dictates. Gone are the faceless lobbies and chat rooms which attracted us to the web in the early years. Instead things have become superseded with the influx of facebook, twitter and the means to add a face and personal touch to the name. Arguably this is a bit of uncharted territory. With laws years behind the current technology, self regulation and a pinch of suspicion should be applied to almost everything. There's no such thing as a free dinner and in this modern age, you don't get anything without losing or giving something up and often in the World Wide Web, it's your privacy that pays the price. Look how integrated everything is. You only need to look online or set up an Xbox and you'll notice how you need to sign into various accounts before you can get to have unlimited access or share your thoughts, interests, passion and anything else with someone or everyone (and it's way too easy to post something and share it with someone you didn't intend too!) With the spotlight being on children's and other such vulnerable folk's safety, there should be a certain level of control and respect shown on all sides to ensure that whether you're a noob/newbie or someone who lives their life online 24/7, with the interaction comes no detrimental consequences. Obviously it's been reported that there's no substitute to experience and the internet provides a means to desensitise and explore just about anything you wish for; but of course, you must be careful what you wish for!