It is interesting to think that although the mobile casino is a relatively new phenomenon, which first emerged few years ago, mobile gaming has been around for a great many years. There have been many times throughout history when gambling was illegal. In fact ever since the advent of civilisation rulers and governments have sought to control it; sometimes making it illegal for the peasant classes while allowing the upper classes the privilege to participate in it. Naturally however hard they tried to prohibit it they were never successful; they simply drove it underground and our point is, they drove it mobile. In the US during the prohibition era of 1920 to 1933 speakeasies, which sold illegal alcohol and mobile casinos that provided illegal gambling came into prominence. The mobile casinos were rarely at the same place twice running. They would set up gaming tables where players would play all the usual casino games and the next morning they would be gone to be set up somewhere else. There location would be communicated from mouth to mouth. Today online gaming is legal in many countries including most of Europe, but it is going mobile because that is for many people the most convenient way to participate it. To date it remains illegal in the US, but that might well change in the not too distant future. People access online casinos using their smartphones and the tablet computers. Once there they can play most of the standard casino games using apps that they download to their devices or they can play directly through their browsers. In terms of gaming experience apps are the preferred option as they can be optimised and many additional features can be included. Mobile device technology has improved hugely over recent years, and it is showing no signs of stagnating. Every few months it seems that a new device becomes available that is more powerful, faster and with a better display screen than before. Mobile gaming has arrived and it is getting better all the time.